032: How CauseIQ leverages Nonprofit big data

Service icons_podcastHear the inside story of how Josh Hurd, Founder of Cause IQ got started and has built his product. Cause IQ provides information and tools to help companies discover new nonprofit clients. Their customers are consulting, financial services, accounting and IT firms that provide services to trade associations, foundations, charities, and other nonprofit organizations.

Josh founded Cause IQ (formerly NonprofitMetrics) after his friends and colleagues working as consultants for nonprofits complained that business development tools to help them find and secure new clients were vitally needed but virtually non-existent. Josh looked into the challenges, determined them surmountable, brought a team together, and started Cause IQ.

By using Cause IQ’s data, he’s been able to identify trends between old vs young organizations (founded pre/post 2000) in technology and staffing. For example with regard to expenditures on tech, young nonprofits spend 2x the amount of old organizations. The difference as a percent of revenue .5 vs 1% for younger organizations. Find out how Cause IQ is turning big data around nonprofits into business intelligence?

Young NGOs (post 2000) spend 2x more % of revenue than older NGOs on tech. From @CauseIQ #nptech Click To Tweet



Josh runs through a bunch of tools that Cause IQ uses to make sure their website is performing at it’s best.

  • Cause IQ – searchable platform for learning more about select nonprofits.
  • Mixpanel – on platform action tracking used by Cause IQ.
  • Google Analytics – used to find sources of converting traffic.
  • Intercom.io – tool go give live user assistance and guides.
  • Zendesk – customer support system for issue and question tracking.
  • New Relic– site speed and database performance.
  • Salesforce – sales pipeline and customer engagement tracking.
  • Sentry – code error tracking in the stack.
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