054: Texts that Change Climate with ACE

ACE is a company that strives to educate and empower young people to make a difference in climate change. Since Acelogo2009, ACE has been able to reach more than 2 million students. By incorporating the latest in pop culture with the latest in technology, they manage to engage students from all over the country. We speak to Leah Qusba, ACE’s Communications Director, about the use of SMS in their education programs, and the use of surveying  for long and short term projects. Through these new technological advances, we can directly see the impact of how their organization is  affecting students.


  • ACE 
  • Text DOT to 30644
  • Salesforce.org – provides technology to social impact organizations
  • Mobile Commons – mobile and technology messaging platform that helps users reach more people
  • Google Hangouts and other Google Apps
  • Social Toaster – supporter engagement platform that uses social media to amplify your brand’s message