065: DoSomething.org Webinar on How to do Cause Marketing

Webinar with Samra Brouk the Director of Business Development at DoSomething.org. Samra walks us through how DoSomething.org aproaches combining cause campaigns, celebrities and sponsors to drive impact and revenue. DoSomething.org has worked with some of the largest brands in the country to create meaningful campaigns that have engaged millions of young people. Their approach is unique for the sector and during this Whole Whale Live cause marketing webinar they share how they do it.


More about Samra Brouk

As DoSomething.org’s Director of Business Development, Samra Brouk leads corporate partnerships at DoSomething.org, the global not-for-profit that empowers Gen Z and Millennials to take action around social causes. With 5MM active members worldwide, DoSomething.org is the largest member organization for young people and social change. She has played a key role in securing funds from top youth brands, including ESPN, 3M, ABC-Disney Television Group, and Johnson & Johnson.

Samra previously worked at the mission-based cleantech company, Recyclebank. While there, she managed strategic municipal accounts for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Before moving to the private sector, Samra joined the Peace Corps, where she led health education initiatives in rural Guatemala. Samra led district-wide trainings on classroom management and health education and advised the Ministries of Health and Education on best practices of implementing a health education curriculum.