075: How to think about designing and building websites with Great Believer

We interview Josh Riman, the founder of Great Believer, a nonprofit-focused creative services agency about the importance of design.

Websites and Resources

Josh Riman’s background

Founder and President of Great Believer. A Syracuse University grad, he spent nearly a decade immersed in the world of advertising, branding and marketing. He worked at great shops and made great friends, but never truly connected to the corporate clients assigned. His quest for more meaningful projects led to the Taproot Foundation. This amazing group assigned him to a string of branding projects for NYC-based nonprofits. He devoured this work and politely asked for seconds. These encounters left him inspired to help other amazing organizations share their stories. But to maximize a nonprofit’s value, he had to understand what made a nonprofit tick. The realization led him to Baruch College, where he earned a master’s in nonprofit administration. Armed with a boat-load of motivation and newfound know-how, he launched Great Believer.