094: How Fair Trade Certified is building on 20 years of impact with lean digital practices

If you’ve ever bought coffee from Whole Foods, chances are you’ve seen the Fair Trade Certified logo.

The organization has been helping consumers to make the right choice the easiest choice by identifying thousands of products that are made and harvested in sustainable and ethical manners, protecting land and waterways in nearly 50 countries and improving 8 million lives in the process.

How did they go from making sure coffee beans came from a good home to leveraging $440 million worth of impact to farmers, workers, and fishermen (and women) over the short span of 20 years? Account Strategist Olivia Marlowe-Giovetti asks Bennett Wetch, VP of Technology Innovation at Fair Trade USA, just that.

Learn how your nonprofit, regardless of the size, can aim for the same scale in this week’s episode of Using the Whole Whale.