110: (short) How we spent $13k on a vitamin

A short episode talking about the creation and termination of AllGoodText.com, a product by Whole Whale.

AllGoodText.com was a product we launched in 2014 that pulled data from YouTube and Google Analytics and turned it into a weekly text message summary. After four years and thousands of data texts we’re closing shop as of Nov, 2018.

We spent a decent amount of time and money on building this tool and it was a great proof of concept using Twilio, Drupal.org, and Google APIs to simplify data. Honestly, I was sure it was going to succeed because I really wanted to get those summaries on text. Whole Whale had seen that our clients didn’t always open the automatically opened dashboards and we knew that 99% of texts are open. Additionally, the weekly texts showed the delta from the prior week, building a tight feedback loop to the data that mattered.