115: Breaking into the $100B inside Donor-Advised Funds (DAF)

Sue Schwartzman, an expert in advising family philanthropic dollars shares her insight into Donor-Advised Funds. A market that currently controls over $100B in assets earmarked for charities. Sue is the founder at Schwartzman Advising and has years of experience understanding this market and how to position your organization for those larger dollars.



About Donor-Advised Funds

A philanthropic giving vehicle administered by a charitable sponsor. A donor-advised fund allows donors to establish and fund the account by making irrevocable, tax-deductible contributions to the charitable sponsor. Donors then recommend grants from those funds to other charitable organizations.

More about Sue Schwartzman

Sue has over two decades of experience working with high net worth individuals, teens, multi-generational families and corporations to systematically and strategically engage in philanthropy and volunteerism. Her authentic and personal approach includes unfolding what people care and are passionate about and developing strategic plans for acting upon these determined values.

Sue has a wide range of experience including working in the philanthropic sector in education, program development, family engagement, running grant cycles and personal philanthropic consulting. She is passionate about connecting with youth and millennials alike, is an acclaimed speaker and facilitator, has hosted several workshops specific to philanthropy, and has had her work published in publications such as the “Huffington Post.”