122: How to Run an Apps for Good Gathering

We attended the http://publicgoodapphouse.org on March 29th, 2019 to learn more about this great event and the showcased apps. Then the organizer, Susan Tenby, the Director of Community + Partnerships for Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup shared how she organizes these gatherings.


Featured Apps

Ehb Teng – Diginido Labs: CARTIDO, diginido.com / @DiginidoLabs

Diginido Labs is a software design and development team of socially-driven activist technologists supporting social good projects and founders. Our clients include NGOs, community activists/advocates, social good founders, & movement leaders. CARTIDO makes crowdmapping and GPS tracking simple and fast for public or private projects.


Aneri Pradhan – Envision Mobile, envisionmobile.co / @envision_mobile

Nonprofits and Microfinance Institutions struggle to collect financial performance data of their micro entrepreneur beneficiaries/borrowers. Learn how ENVision mobile empowers both the entrepreneur and the organization through a shared data analytics platform.


Garrett Houghton – Kandou, kandouapp.com / @kandouapp

Kandou is a volunteer platform that allows anyone to find, share and register for volunteer opportunities in their community. Our mission is to make volunteering simple and social. Kandou is publicly launching our iOS and Android app in April. Make sure to join the waitlist to be the first to know when we launch.


Lana Radosavljevic – The Refugee Center Online: FindHello, findhello.therefugeecenter.org / @refugee_help

FindHello is a free app that enables immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers to find the resources they need in their area. They can search for immigration help, places of worship, ESL classes, healthcare providers, and more.


Elaine Chang – TaroWorks, taroworks.org / @TaroWorksApp

Social enterprises working in the last mile need to make data-driven decisions as much as companies in the first mile. This is a demo for how TaroWorks empowers field agents to make an impact even when they work in areas with inconsistent reception.