152: Why we should save .ORG domains

In an interview with Jacob Malthouse, founder of .ECO domains and former VP of Global Partnerships of ICANN. Jacob explains how domains are run by ICANN and the Internet Society, making the case for why they should be saved. 

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The nonprofit that runs .ORG domains is being taken over by a private equity fund.

The Internet Society, who runs .ORG, also plans to sell the other key nonprofit domains .NGO and .ONG. All three domains will be privatized.

This is a tremendous loss for nonprofits everywhere: 

  • .ORG prices are going up. Price caps have been removed. The new owners can raise .ORG domain fees as much as they want. 
  • $94 million dollars in revenue lost. The .ORG domain makes $94 million dollars a year. Instead of supporting nonprofits, those funds will disappear into a private company. 
  • .ORG is the online home for nonprofits. It represents millions of non-profits and advocates around the world. As a symbol of the nonprofit community it should be accountable to them