168: Catching Momentum in a Time of Coronavirus

We interview  Mike Berland, the founder & CEO of research, data, and analytics firm Decode M who is an expert how people think and behave as consumers, voters, and decision-makers. We talk about His upcoming book “MAXIMUM MOMENTUM: How to Get It, How to Keep It” in the context of the Coronavirus news storm. Mike shares stories and tactics of how we should think about Momentum as both the mass and velocity of a message as it rises in the social consciousness. 

The book covers several types of momentum case studies from Airbnb to legal Cannabis to to Donald Trump, and taps into various aspects of momentum, including:

  • Why momentum can’t be bought;
  • Why momentum is a ‘mean-reverting’ phenomenon;
  • How momentum begets momentum; and
  • How to halt the momentum of a crisis.

Mike Berland is the Founder and CEO of Decode_M, an insights, research, and analytics firm that decodes data into momentum for its clients. In a world that runs on data, Mike strongly believes that everything is knowable, you just have to know where to look. Throughout his career, he has represented prominent political figures, major companies and social movements. Prior to founding Decode_M, he was the CEO of the insights and analytics arm of Edelman Public Relations, Edelman Berland, and President of the research and political polling firm Penn, Schoen & Berland.