179: Virtual Reality for Impact – with Mind Glow

Virtual reality can seem like a far off technology, mostly used for video games and tech conference demos. But, what if we could use virtual reality to provide situational training for emergencies? Neilda Pacquing, Founder and CEO of Mind Glow, is using virtual reality to make companies more prepared for workplace emergencies, starting with active shootings. Listen to our episode as she explains how she came up with her idea, how effective her technology has been at assorted companies and universities, and how you can get involved in virtual reality programming. 

Bio: Neilda Pacquing is the Founder and CEO of MindGlow, a company using VR to maximize workplace safety and prepare employees for emergencies, starting with active shooter training. She is also the creator of VR Training 101: How To Design VR Trainings For Businesses. Prior experience includes working as a Senior UX/UI Designer at Sephora and Bank of America. She is an Oculus Launch Pad, Mozilla XR Studio, and Nasdaq Milestone Makers alum. She received her B.A. from UCLA and working on an M.S. Integrated Design, Business, and Technology at USC Iovine and Young Academy. In her spare time, you can find her riding her motorcycle in the backroads of California.

About MindGlow:↠ MindGlow helps businesses train better with VR. We use the immersive experience of Virtual Reality (VR) to maximize workplace safety and prepare employees for emergencies, starting with Active Shooter Training.↠ www.mindglowinc.com

About VR Training 101:↠ VR Training 101 is the first-ever program that offers a cross-disciplinary approach to designing virtual reality (VR) trainings for businesses. We turn VR newbies to VR creators. ↠ Applications are open and start Monday, June 15, 2020. ↠ More information and application here: www.vrtraining101.com