185: Raising $20k in 4 Days with Popcorn – Jack & Jill

Whoever thought that a fundraiser promoting popcorn, of all things,  could raise 20k in just 4 days? On this week’s episode, host Kariesha Martinez interviews Yvonne d, on how she was able to accomplish such a goal with the DoubleGood.com platform. 

Listen in on how exactly she was able to surpass her goal with the power of a strong network and driven teens. Jack and Jill is an organization of mothers, primarily but not limited to African American mothers, who provide social, cultural, and educational opportunities for their children. 

Special thanks to our sponsor Double Good, a platform that allows nonprofits to fundraise with their teams online, sell ultra-premium popcorn, and earn 50% profit. Absolutely no minimums or fees.