192: (2for2) Impact ideas with Joe Magee – Kids media channel, UGC child symptoms, Family podcast history

On this 2 for 2 series, we share and evaluate social impact business ideas with Joe Magee.  The ideas are evaluated across Impact, Financial viability, and Scalability. 


  • Modern day, digital first PBS: A direct to consumer education “channel” delivered via app
  • Crowd-Sourced Children symptoms platform to help parents understand the conditions/dynamics kids are dealing with during this pandemic.
  • Daily Digest on Media consumed by kids with conversation talking points.
  • Personal Family podcast history in-a-box

About Joe

Joe Magee is a serial entrepreneur. He has created multiple businesses and recently exited his last venture, Rallybound, which has evolved into Neon One. He currently advises and invests in early stage companies while he’s working on his next venture. You can find him on Twitter @KJMagee or his writings on Medium: https://medium.com/@kjmagee

Resources: https://storycorps.org/