197: Is Your Nonprofit Getting to the Damn Point?

Our host Kariesha Martinez interviews Lewis D. Chaney, Business Storytelling Consultant / Public Speaking Coach. 

Is your nonprofit ready for that interview or presentation? Not being able to clearly communicate the point of your purpose as an organization is costing your nonprofit. This episode discusses why public speaking is needed at every level and tactics for how it can be improved.

Most of the time, people think this soft skill is just about speaking on stage and it’s not. Or it was something for C-suite and managers, it’s not. It’s for every person on your team because they are ambassadors for your organization, which includes your volunteers.

Not to mention how effective this is in saving time in meetings and encouraging ideas from people who otherwise might be too afraid to speak up. It’s giving them the tools to be able to do these things.

About Lewis D. Chaney

TEDX Alumni, Award winning Speaker, Photojournalist and Director with extensive background in Television News, Entertainment News, Commercial Advertising and Independent Film.



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