199: Building Smart Nonprofits- Author Interview

Make sure you’re running your nonprofit to be able to stand through the tests of time. Are you engaging your board members? Are you working with similar nonprofits? Are you continuously speaking with your staff? In this podcast episode, we speak with David O’Brien and Matthew Craig to cover exactly how you can make your nonprofit sustainable.

David J. O’Brien has enjoyed a career in the for-profit sector over a span of 45 years, with broad-based experience in multi-industry corporate development, finance, and management of organizations ranging from Fortune 500 conglomerates to startups. O’Brien has served as board chair, committee chairs, and director/trustee of numerous nonprofits in diverse fields including education, international health NGOs, social services, and the arts. He resides in rural San Diego with his wife, Dr. Paula Cordeiro.

Matthew D. Craig is vice president and senior relationship manager with JPMorgan Chase, where he specializes in providing a broad range of services to governments and nonprofit organizations. With more than twenty years of experience in the financial sector, he has held positions in credit underwriting, commercial and small business banking, and private wealth management. Throughout his academic and professional careers, Craig has been an active volunteer and advocate for myriad social organizations. He currently lives in Escondido, California, with his wife Courtney and their twins, Kerrigan and Landry.