219: (news) NYC and ICE need to spend millions for nonprofit support

NYC Owes Homeless Nonprofits Millions In Unpaid Invoices
The City of New York owes its homeless nonprofit organizations over $150 million in unpaid invoices, according to a survey of homeless shelter operators. Catherine Trapani, the executive director at Homeless Services United, the umbrella organization that represents shelter operators, says “there needs to be a recognition of just how on the precipice of a system’s failure we are.” The crisis comes as the city faces its own struggles with cash flow due to the pandemic.

ICE Signs $86.9 Million Contract With Nonprofit To House Migrant Families
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has signed an $86.9 million contract to house migrant families at the border. The contract is with Texas-based nonprofit Endeavors, and will provide up to 1,200 beds as a short-term housing solution for families not turned away at the border. Nonprofits again prove that they are the last stop-gap for providing critical services during crises.

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