220: How Issue Voter is shifting the focus to Policy

George Weiner interviews Maria Yuan, the CEO and Founder of Issue Voter. Issue Voter is an online service that according to their site helps people:

“Track your rep’s activity. We tell you how your rep voted, how often your representative agrees with you, and whether or not they’ve attended a vote.

Encourage open discussion. You can share an issue on your favorite social network, without revealing your personal opinion.

Act on issues that don’t make headlines. We don’t only tell you about what is breaking the news; we check for updates every hour to make sure you have the latest information.

Become an informed voter. Using IssueVoter year-round informs you before elections and keeps money’s influence out of your opinion. Only re-elect reps who truly represented you.”

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About Maria

Maria Yuan is passionate about fixing significant, systemic problems by leveraging creativity and determination to achieve world-changing results and impact.Prior to IssueVoter, Maria’s policy and political experience includes passing a bill as a constituent, working for a Representative, and managing and winning one of the most targeted races in Iowa – an open seat in a swing district. Maria’s professional experience also includes investment banking, strategy, corporate development, recruiting, social enterprise, and consulting.Maria’s writing has appeared in Real Clear Politics, The Hill, and Huffington Post, and she has spoken at conferences, companies, and universities across the U.S. about civic engagement.Maria currently serves on the Bridge Alliance Board of Directors and Keep Families Giving Foundation Advisory Board and has served on the boards of Gibney Dance, The University of Texas Co-Op, and Friends of the Children New York.Maria earned degrees from The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania and The University of Texas at Austin.