226: The Social Policy of Homelessness

Host Kariesha Martinez interviews Dan Treglia, PhD about the complexities of affordable housing and the nuance of how San Francisco ended up paying $61k per tent. 

About Dan Treglia

Dan Treglia, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Practice at the University of Pennsylvania, Associate Director of the Partnership for Effective Public Administration and Leadership Ethics (PEPALE), Senior Research Fellow at United For ALICE, and our Research and Evaluation Whaler. His research focuses on homelessness, housing instability, and income insecurity, and his work on aging homelessness and COVID-19’s impact on homelessness has driven national media attention and policymaking. Dr. Treglia has a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, and a masters in public policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.  Prior to joining Penn, Dr. Treglia managed research and evaluation for New York City’s Department of Homeless Services.  He continues to work with nonprofits and state and local governments across the country to ensure that policymakers and practitioners can use the best available evidence in their decision-making.

Learn more about Dan at dantreglia.com.