230:(news) Redistricting Battles & Thinning Girl Scout Cookie sales

Nonprofit News for the week of May 4th, 2021

Democratic Nonprofit Sues Ahead of Potential Redistricting Fight

Off the heels of a contentious and troublesome 2020 census, the next political fight shaping up with substantial impact might be redistricting. Acknowledging these tense political battles yet to come, a lawsuit filed by the nonprofit National Redistricting Action Fund, associated with the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, is filing lawsuits in an attempt to make the results of any political impasses fair. While the specifics of the case or complex, nonprofits and advocacy groups should know that redistricting can significantly impact both national and local politics for a decade. Redistricting alone could mean the difference between a Democrat and GOP – controlled House of Representatives, according to experts. The politics of redistricting are such that in most cases, states themselves decide who ends up in a particular district, actively franchising and disenfranchising communities in the process.

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Atlanta Girl Scouts Left With $3 Million In Unsold Cookies

For local Girl Scouts, the fundraising gap left by nearly 700k+ unsold boxes of cookies could mean the difference between affording to be able to partake in scout-related activities and not being able to do so. The decrease in efficacy of door-to-door selling and other more commercial fundraisers should be a warning to nonprofits that so heavily rely on typically in-person fundraisers, especially during the pandemic.

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