234: Volunteering through the Pandemic with Golden

Karisha Martinez interviews Sam Fankuchen, the Founder & CEO of Golden

Volunteering is a proven driver of happiness and provides a myriad of physical, mental and social benefits, from living longer and feeling more fulfilled to increasing the chances of being hired. Because of these benefits, we believe volunteering should be a part of every self-care routine. 

In 2015, Golden launched to do just that by removing all barriers to engaging in service. Volunteers can sign-up for a volunteer opportunity, or “Golden Opportunity”, in a click of a button – No more paperwork, wait time or back-and-forth communication. And the best part? The Opportunities are personalized to every individual based on what they like to do for fun. By pairing service with a hobby, we strive to put users in their Golden Moments – when one is carefree, loving life and aware of the feeling.