248: From Fellow to Fulltime – Kariesha Martinez exit interview

After two great years at Whole Whale, Kariesha Martinez, Senior Marketing Associate is moving on. She shares how the Whole Whale Fellowship program works, what she learned over two years and other advice/thoughts for the company.

Kariesha Martinez

Senior Marketing Associate

Kariesha is the Digital Advertising Whaler where she runs paid advertising campaigns across Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, manages Google Ad Grant accounts, and completes insight reports for some of Whole Whale’s amazing clients. She is a graduate of Wesleyan University, double majoring in Psychology and African American Studies, with a concentration in Film. Her interest in film has drawn her to the intersection of multimedia and social media, and with the help of her psychology degree, she hopes to integrate her knowledge of human behavior and thought processes to digital advertising. 

As an alumna of Prep for Prep, an NYC based non-profit dedicated to putting middle school students into the top independent schools in the city, Kariesha has always been an advocate for accessibility and equal opportunity. Throughout her senior year, she co-founded MediaHaven, an organization meant to connect young professionals of color to leaders in the media and tech industries. With the help of her co-founders, they were able to hold informative events lead by professionals of color for students of color to Wesleyan, and even a trip for six to Blavity’s annual tech conference, AfroTech. 

When not in the office, Kariesha can be found watching low-budget Netflix rom-coms, trying a new restaurant, or finding the perfect gif to post on Twitter.