252: (news) Hurricane Ida & Afghanistan Nonprofit Response

Hurricane Ida ramping up nonprofit response and following the GoFundMe support in Afghanistan.

Nonprofits And Volunteer Organizations Step Up in Wake of Hurricane Ida

After Category 4 Hurricane Ida made landfall in south Louisiana on Sunday, organizations on the ground are already stepping up to help their neighbors. The organization Shreveport Volunteer Network, a community-based emergency response coalition, has partnered with other local organizations like the United Cajun Navy to provide emergency response in the wake of the hurricane. One of the strongest storms to hit Louisiana since Hurricane Katrina, folks in southern LA will need disaster assistance and then a long-road plan to recovery. Learn more about organizations working to help here.

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Follow-Up: GoFundMe Campaign Helps More Than 300 People Flee Afghanistan

A viral GoFundMe campaign that we previously highlighted has successfully evacuated approximately 300+ people from Kabul, according to reporting from the Seattle Times. Two organizations that helped with the logistics include the group Sayara International, a global development firm, and the Rockefeller Foundation. The folks who fled on this mission were brought to Uganda, where they will be temporarily sheltered in Kampala. The security situation in Kabul continued to deteriorate late last week with ISIS attacks that killed dozens.

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