290: (news) Invasion of Ukraine Triggers Humanitarian Catastrophe

Russia Invades Ukraine, Triggers Full Scale War & Humanitarian Catastrophe

Early Thursday morning, Russian ground troops launched an all-out war against Ukraine, with the assumed intention of overtaking the entire country and overthrowing its government. Here are 5 key takeaways from the NGO and humanitarian perspective:

  1. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees now estimates half a million Ukrainian refugees have entered neighboring countries, especially Poland, Hungary, & Romania.
  2. According to the Ukrainian military, hundreds of Ukrainians, including civilians, have been killed. Calls have been made to gather evidence of war crimes to be presented to the International Criminal Court.
  3. Doctors Without Borders, known for often being the first to arrive and last to leave during the conflict, announced they were forced to “halt [their] activities” in Ukraine
  4. Patreon Suspends Ukrainian NGO Come Back Alive For ‘Funding Military Activity’
  5. The World Food Programme estimates that 50% of its grain comes from Ukraine and Russia, and warns that war could impact global food security.

Social Media Facilitates Global Outrage, Large-Scale Grassroots Mobilization

Condemnation of Putin’s actions have united the western world with a cohesiveness not seen in decades. Global protests and grassroots humanitarian action are being broadcast to the world via social media. Here are 5 key takeaways from the global perspective:

  1. The world erupted in emphatic protest against Putin’s actions and in support of Ukrainians. From Madrid to Berlin to New York to London, protestors chanted colorful slogans that had blown up on social media that show the spirit of Ukrainian resolve.
  2. A grassroots humanitarian mobilization effort has begun in Eastern Europe to support the now estimated half a million refugees. Efforts are underway in Poland, Romania, and Hungary. Even in the Czech Republic, which doesn’t border Ukraine, volunteers are being asked to drive to the Polish border to assist.
  3. The Ukrainian diaspora community have used social media to consolidate ways to help contribute to solidarity as well as donate to local organizations.
  4. Ukraine’s Twitter account messaged out their Crypto wallet addresses and have received nearly $15M in contributions.
  5. Russia has been trying to stamp out unofficial narratives of the war by blocking and or slowing major social media platforms. Major U.S.-based social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube have prohibited Russian state-owned media outlets including RT from advertising.