Buffett Vs Mackenzie Comparing Giving & ACLU Backing NRA (news)

Meet the Faces of Crypto Philanthropy | The Giving Block

Based on the “Faces of Crypto Philanthropy” article by The Giving Block, the most generous donor appears to be Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum. He has donated cryptocurrencies valued at over $1 billion to various causes, including COVID-19 relief, medical research, and Ukraine humanitarian aid. This level of giving places him at the forefront in terms of the scale of crypto philanthropy. For more detailed information about Vitalik Buterin’s and others’ contributions, please visit The Giving Block’s article.

The ACLU will legally represent the NRA. Its NY affiliate isn’t happy about it. | Gothamist

The ACLU’s decision to represent the NRA in a Supreme Court case over alleged free-speech violations by New York state has led to a rift with its New York affiliate, the NYCLU. NYCLU’s Executive Director Donna Lieberman contends that the ACLU’s role as counsel is unnecessary, given the NRA’s significant legal resources and differing principles. The case centers on whether New York’s actions against financial institutions working with the NRA constitute state censorship, a situation the ACLU argues could set a dangerous precedent for silencing advocacy groups.

A Tale of Two Billionaires: Scott Versus Buffett

Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott outlined the details of the almost $2.1 billion she donated in the last year, bringing the total amount of donations up to almost $16 billion since 2019. In a blog update, Scott outlines the nonprofits that have directly benefited from her gifts. This contrasts with the announcement of billionaire investor Warren Buffett, who committed donations  in the form of shares, with a release from his Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate detailing that 1.5 million shares are going to the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, as reported by CNN. The contrast between Scott’s direct donations and Buffets donations (via shares) to a family foundation is particularly underscored by potential generation changes in giving.

Is a gift always a gift? We asked the audience about whether giving to your own family foundation really counts.


2024 is the biggest election year in history | The Economist

In 2024, a pivotal year for global democracy, 76 countries are set to hold elections, yet the quality and fairness of these elections vary significantly. Major democracies like Brazil, India, Indonesia, and the United States, labeled as “flawed democracies,” face significant elections, with America’s political culture scoring lowest in democratic aspects. Europe and Africa present contrasting democratic landscapes, with Europe scoring high in the Democracy Index and Africa facing challenges, while the scheduled Ukrainian election stands as a potential act of defiance amid ongoing conflict.