Climate Protests, Ashton Kutcher resigns, Meta fundraising update (news)

UN General Assembly Marked By Climate Protests Both In U.S. And Abroad

On September 16, 2023, thousands of climate change protesters, predominately youth activists, poured into the streets of Lower Manhattan as part of a global week of demonstrations leading up to the UN General Assembly, according to The New York Times. The New York protests specifically targeted Wall Street, with activists blocking traffic, staging sit-ins, and demanding governments and corporations take bolder action on climate change. Speakers accused Wall Street of financing fossil fuel projects that contribute to the climate crisis and called for divestment. The demonstrations remained largely peaceful despite arrests, capping a week of worldwide youth climate strikes and protests aimed at urgently pressuring leaders to address the climate emergency. Climate activists, especially “Just Stop Oil” members in Europe, have made headlines for seemingly aggressive tactics that critics say undermine their cause.

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