Is Charity Content for Clicks Charitable? The Mr. Beast Debate (news)

Hot Take Debate: Was Mr. Beast’s Cataract Surgery Video charitable?

Adam Faircloth joins the debate.

Context:  MR Beast made content around paying for 1k eye surgeries, is this charitable.  the video has 95 million views and was sponsored by Experian.

  • At a rate of $2.13 per CPM, the video has generated at least $200k. 
  • does it matter that it isn’t a nonprofit?
  • what if it was a nonprofit?
  • how does this compare to flies in the eyes videos of African children that used to be used for fundraising?
  • does it matter if Mr Beast made a profit on this?
  • what difference is there between actors being paid to perform in a video and people getting their surgeries covered to perform in a video
  • Is this actually a potential earned revenue model?
  • What is the difference between a channel that made a social impact story (ran ads) but didn’t pay for surgeries or pay patients featured in the film?

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