Mastodon Embraces Nonprofit Status (news)

Mastodon Embraces Nonprofit Status As Potential Industry Model

Mastodon, an open-source microblogging site, has rejected offers from more than five US-based investors in recent months, according to reporting from Ars Technica. The platform’s non-profit status is “untouchable,” according to its founder Eugen Rochko. Mastodon has similar features to Twitter but is made up of many decentralized, independently moderated servers. Users join one server but can connect with people on other servers throughout the so-called “federated” system. Mastodon has seen a surge in users since Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion in October amid concerns over the billionaire’s running of the social media platform. Amid increasing concerns about social media platforms’ stability, privacy, and ethics issues, the nonprofit model may increasingly find salience in an industry plagued by a decrease in public trust in for-profit social media companies.

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