NYC Asylum Seekers in the Street & Milk Money Story (news)

Asylum Seekers Left Stranded Outside Hotel Draws National Attention To NYC’s Migrant Crisis

New York City has seen an unprecedented influx of migrants in need of assistance over the past couple of years, with that trend culminating in a high-profile debacle outside the Roosevelt Hotel, where migrants were left stranded on the sidewalk. Throughout last week, images of over 150 migrants sleeping outside the sidewalk of the apparently full midtown hotel (which had been converted to an emergency shelter) sparked national media attention as NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ office declared the city’s beds full. The migrants unceremoniously were moved on Wednesday night according to reporting from Gothamist and other outlets, apparently housed with the assistance of faith-based nonprofits and advocacy groups. More than 56,000 migrants are currently housed in the city’s shelter system in widely reported poor conditions. An additional emergency shelter appears to be coming online in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, which will be added to the more than 200 locations serving migrants. Exacerbating the crisis is that the influx of migrants (many of whom may legally qualify for asylum) comes as the Governor of New York estimates a housing shortage of approximately 800,000 units.
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