NYC Floods, Nonprofit Hospital Fails (news)

NYC Floods Underscore Lack of Climate Resilience In America’s Biggest City

Floods last week left New Yorkers bewildered, as typically dry streets became overrun with water as documented in videos and pictures. The floods, which particularly impact Brooklyn & Queens, renewed calls from New Yorkers to double down on climate resiliency in America’s most densely populated city. At one point on Friday, virtually *all* New York City subway lines were fully or partially suspended, grinding the city to a halt. Migrants who had exhausted their legal right to shelter were unceremoniously dumped into the rain before the city reversed course. As New Yorkers figured out how to get home, many wondered aloud how their city would work to build resilience as storms like this become the norm in the face of climate change. The city already began investing heavily after Hurricane Sandy decimated lower Manhattan, resulting in long-term efforts to reinforce the island’s lower shoreline and coastal resiliency. Read more about the multi-billion dollar efforts to make lower Manhattan, FiDi, South Street, The Battery, and other immediate neighborhoods more resilient.