Rise of Nonprofit AI – response to OpenAI shift (news)

EleutherAI Seeks To Make Open-Source AI Research a Nonprofit Enterprise

As reported by TechCrunch, The EleutherAI community research group is starting a nonprofit research institute, the EleutherAI Institute, which could have significant implications for safe and ethical AI development. The institute will be funded by donations and grants from various sources, including AI startups and former tech CEOs, allowing the organization to engage in longer and more involved projects than previously possible. By formalizing as a nonprofit, EleutherAI will be able to build a full-time staff and focus on large language models similar to ChatGPT, as well as devote more resources to ethics, interpretability, and alignment work. Importantly, the foundation aims to remain independent despite donations from commercial entities, demonstrating the potential for nonprofits to contribute to AI development while avoiding conflicts of interest. This announcement is particularly significant given the mixed results of previous nonprofit initiatives in AI research, highlighting the need for continued efforts to ensure the responsible development of AI.

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