059: Domains That Save the Environment: Announcing .ECO

doteco-logoThe top level domain (TLD) .ECO is being released starting in 2017 and we talk with the founders of this initiative to see how it works under the hood. Trevor and Jacob, the co-founders of BigRoom.CA also announce the exciting grants for early subscribers to park their desired .ECO names.   Check out NIC.ECO/grants  for more information about applying for a .ECO domain grant. Their team worked with WWF, Greenpeace, Conservation International, Green Cross, Suzuki Foundation and other organizations from around the globe to create the standards for this new TLD.

About BigRoom.CA

Big Room was founded in 2007 by Trevor Bowden, Jacob Malthouse, and Anastasia O’Rourke. They are a Certified B-Corporation based in Vancouver, British Columbia that works with stakeholders to create transparency tools that improve environmental performance. Their work includes the .ECO domain and Ecolabel Index, the largest global directory of ecolabels, currently tracking 465 ecolabels in 199 countries, and 25 industry sectors.