SWAT Raid On Cop City Bail Fund Organizers (news)

SWAT Raid On Cop City Bail Fund Organizers Criticized By Activists

The Atlanta Solidarity Fund, a nonprofit that offers bail and legal support to activists, has seen three of its board members arrested on charges of “money laundering” and “charity fraud,” according to reporting by The Intercept and others. The arrests were carried out by the Atlanta Police Department SWAT and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The fund, part of the registered nonprofit Network for Strong Communities, also provides grants for anti-repression work in Atlanta. This incident marks the first time bail funds and legal support groups, traditionally important in social justice movements, have been targeted in this manner. The impact of these arrests on the operation of the fund and the larger legal ramifications for similar organizations remain uncertain, but the arrests, which involved armored vehicles and a helicopter, were seen as an attempt at intimidation by activists.

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