Trevor Project CEO Scrutiny for Past Pharma Consulting (news)

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Trevor Project CEO Under Fire For Purdue Pharma Consulting Work

Trevor Project CEO Amit Paley is coming under internal pressure from staff for previous consulting work done at McKinsey for Purdue Pharma, according to reporting from Teen Vogue. (The first revelations were published by the Huffington Post.)  Purdue Pharma, responsible for bringing OxyContin to market, is widely perceived as playing a critical role in the opioid crisis in America. Paley was a consultant at McKinsey working on the Purdue account, although his leadership and responsibilities in that role are disputed. Trevor Project staff have criticized the revelation, especially as the core mission of the Trevor Project is helping at-risk LGBTQ+ youth at risk of mental health crisis and suicide, verticals of care impacted by opioid abuse and misuse. The chair of Trevor Project’s board of directors has expressed “full confidence” in Paley while others inside the organization are quoted anonymously as saying the mood is “grim.”
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