Why Gov Shutdowns Hurt Nonprofits (news)

Ouster of GOP Speaker Hampers Ability of Congress To Function Amid Looming Shutdown

The ouster of House GOP Speaker Kevin McCarthy nearly two weeks ago continues to hamper the ability of the legislative branch to advance policy, even as the spectre of a government shutdown continues to loom large. Nonprofits like the National Low Income Housing Coalition say that the shutdown (which would go into effect on November 17th) as well as the current political standstill and dysfunction threaten what they percieve as must-pass legislation related to HUD and housing assistance, which advocates say need to increase every year as the cost of living goes up. The volatility of the status of the government (a shutdown would pause non-essential government services) has put nonprofits on edge. Food banks can expect increased demand as hundreds of thousands of government workers and contractors go without pay, and programs like WIC and SNAP are at operational risk in long shutdowns. The Chronicle of Philanthropy also cites domestic violence shelters as also vulnerable to shutdowns because many rely heavily on government grants.