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Your organization is finally ready to move forward with your project – whether it be a website relaunch or digital advertising for your new campaign — now what? From the project requirements to the budget, SNORKL will “sea” you through the process of writing an RFP with detailed instructions of what should go in each section. Once you’ve filled in each section, SNORKL will send you your RFP within 24 hours. The SNORKL team will then circulate your RFP to the vendor best suited for the job.






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Everything you need to include in your RFP to select the best vendor


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Your clearly defined RFP will generate thoughtful proposals from our vendors who will make sure your project is a swimming success

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“We were reflecting on our partnership with SNORKL just yesterday and how wonderful it has been. This network is like the best thing that ever happened to us at that conference :- ). We are deeply appreciative of the introductions and we wish you ever more success in the new year. YOU ROCK! ” – CEO of SNORKL Vendor Partner