The SNORKL team thoroughly screens every vendor that is interested in joining our selective network. We review the initial application, then move forward with a phone interview if the vendor seems like a good fit. After the interview, we review past work and rate vendors on their ability in the following areas: design, development, content, project management, IA, data. Only highly rated vendors will be invited to join the SNORKL network. 

There are 3 membership options for vendors.

Goldfish $300/year Relevant RFPs under $50k that match your firm’s ability

Dolphin $500/year – Relevant RFPs up to $100k that match your firm’s ability

Whale $800/year – Relevant RFPs over $100k that match your firm’s ability

Vendors interested in joining the SNORKL network must first submit an application. Currently, our application is closed. If you would like more information on the process, email [email protected].

We strive to make the best matches for nonprofits and vendors based on our rating and review process. Once we make the introduction, we will leave it to your company and the nonprofit to move the process forward.

If your vendor is selected for the RFP, we will follow up at the end of the project to review the success of the partnership.

After carefully evaluating RFPs in SNORKL, our team makes personal introductions between nonprofits and vendors. We will reach out to the contact emails that your company listed during membership registration.

We share the same RFP to at most 3 vendors in our network.

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