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The social media landscape changes every 6 months, and the smartphone is only accelerating this change. Don’t blindly follow the latest social media fads and gurus to guide your social media strategy. Fortunately there is a ton of engagement data around what people are doing on your site (Google Analytics) and social platforms/profiles (Facebook Insights and other native analytics platforms). Learn to look at your organization’s own data to see what is driving real value. If your organization can gather, analyze, and act on its data it will be ready to jump on the next trend in a way that drives real impact.


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What people are saying

“I’ve taken a lot of online courses, but this one was by far the best I’ve taken. Julie and George are so helpful and clear in all of their explanations, not to mention entertaining! Could not recommend more highly! A++”

– Clay Blackiston

“This course helped me decide to apply for the Google Grant. It also has some awesome tips!”

– Gjergj Camaj

“George and Julie are extremely engaging and entertaining. It was great to see that they cared so much about nonprofits and how to maximize their use of data.”

– Richard Lace

Your Course Instructors

 Together, we’ve spent over $4 million in Google Grant money.
(Yeah, we love making it rain Google dollars for good.)

Julie Leary
Digital Strategy Whaler


George Weiner
Chief Whaler

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