Charlotte joined Whole Whale as an Account Strategist Whaler committed to deepening her knowledge of nonprofits and using technical resources to leverage their campaign goals. She engineers strategies that enhance and expand the relationship between organization and individual. By transforming data into actionable insights, she is able to craft brand stories that speak to the underlying psychological needs, motivations, and desires of the individual.

While studying Art Education at The Ohio State University, Charlotte developed an interest in teaching and serving individuals beyond the classroom. By combining educational creative strategies, a strong interest in marketing, and a desire to make a positive impact for organizations that serve the greater good, Charlotte jumped into the digital marketing waters. With some valuable stops along the way, she swam her way to Whole Whale where she hopes to fulfill this mission. 

When Charlotte isn’t swimming laps in the Whole Whale pool, she can be found raising her Cornish Rex kitten, Rosie, immersing herself in cooking therapy, watching Bravo, exploring the East Village, shuffling through real estate on Zillow (dreaming of that backyard life), reminiscing on her trip to Sonoma (you must go) and constantly talking about the best place on Earth, her hometown Cleveland, OH-IO.

Her current goals include: quickly advancing down her volunteering bucket list, learning Spanish (little by little), and Salsa dancing.