An ardent advocate for humanism and digital marketing, Kamel is thrilled to contribute to Whole Whale as an SEO Manager. He views SEO not just as a technical endeavor but as a vital conduit for connecting social impact organizations with the communities they aim to serve. Utilizing tailored and efficient SEO strategies, Kamel seeks to make a tangible impact by helping organizations reach their audiences effectively in an evolving landscape.

Having worked in SEO for five years, he has a track record of crafting and executing strategies that meet dynamic and measurable goals with a focus on achieving results that help clients take full advantage of their potential. Kamel’s strategic acumen is evident in his work with a range of organizations and clients that span a wide array of verticals.

Before embarking on his journey with Whole Whale, Kamel obtained his bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business Administration from the University of West Georgia. There, he discovered his affinity for digital marketing through internships, roles in tech companies, and volunteer stints with nonprofits such as Startup Atlanta and Initiatives of Change International. His experience spans nearly a decade and includes roles at agencies like YP, The Real Yellow Pages, Stream Companies, and Loganix, where he developed a rich skill set encompassing SEO, brand development, business development, social media marketing, and more.

Additionally, Kamel has taken on consulting projects that align with his values, providing him the unique opportunity to fine-tune his skills while contributing to causes he deeply cares about and unique projects that resonate with his interests.

Outside of his professional life, Kamel enjoys the outdoors, finding peace and inspiration through hiking, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, and tennis. He also enjoys cooking and traveling, embracing the rich tapestry of experiences that life offers having visited 26 countries.