Marjorie is an engineer with a passion for creating innovative and functional web solutions. 

With an academic background in chemical engineering and specialization in environmental engineering, over the last 8 years, she has combined her technical skills with a whole new area of interest for her: web development and optimization.

Her ability to work with and manage large amounts of data, often transforming it into graphs, charts, dashboards, and correlations to better visualize its impact, has been instrumental throughout her career in ensuring the analysis of critical information. Simultaneously, her experience in environmental supervision and compliance further solidified her commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

In the digital marketing waters, her work has always been tied to a close collaboration with design teams, copywriters, SEO experts and digital strategy teams, creating innovative solutions for every client. She always strives to present easy solutions to what could be intricate challenges.

She joined Whole Whale with the mission of providing all the necessary insights to ensure that our clients achieve an outstanding user experience on their websites, as well as helping them understand the full potential of the data provided by their digital assets.

And when the workday winds down, she would be watching episodes of “Friends” or “Law and Order: SVU” for the millionth time, cherishing moments with her two boys, or navigating tranquil waters while kayaking with her husband and friends.