As an Advertising Manager at Whole Whale, Matt is passionate about helping clients better the world by making the most of their digital presence. With a background in digital marketing and project management, Matt brings to the team a unique perspective on the future of technology and how it will impact the stories we tell online. Matt prides himself on integrity and is always looking for innovative ways to drive value for his clients.
Matt studied Communications and Digital Studies at the University of Michigan. There, he took on a number of freelance marketing projects that ignited his passion for advertising. After graduating, Matt became a project manager at Epic, where he issued the nationwide recommendation for abbreviating inpatient stays during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Matt got his start in digital marketing by writing for a music blog (back before Spotify and Apple Music rendered them irrelevant). This content marketing role helped him hone his voice but also showed him the many shortcomings of the music industry. So in 2021, he set out to solve them through his own digital music company, Biscuits n Groovy. With this startup, Matt helped artists amplify their digital reach and leverage budding technology to cultivate loyal fanbases.
When away from his computer, you’re likely to find Matt playing sports or petting his adorable cat, Sandy. He is a former tennis state-champion, intramural flag football champion, and holder of numerous soccer participation trophies.