Pilar is passionate about increasing the impacts of nonprofit organizations by engaging people through eye-opening experiences, fundraising, and understanding communities better through trends & analytics.

She received her BA in International Studies and Business Administration at the University of Oregon. There, Pilar cultivated her love for international issues, global impacts and the fundamentals of social impact organizations. Through philanthropic involvement in multiple student nonprofit organizations she discovered her true talent for fundraising, making a change in her own community, and building lasting relationships.

Before joining Whole Whale, Pilar worked at The Borgen Project, a nonprofit organization that tackles global poverty, hunger and other major issues through US Congress, political policies, and legislative bills. In this position, Pilar strategized and executed social campaigns and supported The Borgen Project’s Fundraising department’s efforts to improve the NGO’s mission for global advocacy, in one instance raising nearly $3,000 after personalized outreach to both individual and corporate sponsors. She’s excited now more than ever before to devote her time towards amplifying the voices of social impact organizations, like Fight Colorectal Cancer, Measure What Matters, and more at Whole Whale!

Pilar is a Bay Area native, where she also currently resides. Outside of the office she enjoys yoga, listening to podcasts, cooking, traveling, running, and hiking!