Timson joined Whole Whale as an Email Marketing Fellow and is excited to make an impact with the team to assist nonprofits in navigating the digital space. Previously having volunteered for nonprofits in his youth, he brings a special enthusiasm with him onto the Whole Whale team to help similar organizations grow even more.

Timson graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor’s in Financial Actuarial Mathematics and a Specialization in Computing from UCLA. He became interested in working in the digital space through his specialization, and entered the world of data following a Data Analytics apprenticeship at COOP Careers, where he also gained exposure to digital marketing. With this combination of skills, he completed a client consultation in his program for a small business in San Francisco, utilizing Google Analytics data to provide insights and highlight key points of improvement.

Off the clock, Timson enjoys creative storytelling, discovering new music, and endlessly chasing greater milestones in puzzle games.