AI Ethics & Policy for Nonprofits

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Webinar Summary

Join Whole Whale, a leading nonprofit digital agency for an engaging recorded webinar designed exclusively for nonprofit digital marketers. In this webinar, Whole Whale Strategy Manager Nick Azulay will explore the promise and pitfalls of AI for nonprofits and NGOs, with particular attention to what it means to use and engage with artificial intelligence responsibly and ethically. Nick will touch upon topics such as AI use policies for nonprofits, the societal implications of AI, AI and bias, and how nonprofit professionals should be approaching AI while sifting through the noise.

Nonprofits cannot afford to sit on the sidelines as new technologies shape both our work and our everyday lives, and instead must be active participants in shaping its ethical and responsible adoption. Nonprofits have the opportunity (and the responsibility) to enable both their employees, and the communities that they serve, to feel empowered to use new technologies responsibly and ethically.


Nick Azulay

Digital Strategy Manager

Nick enthusiastically supports the Whole Whale team as a Digital Strategy Manager with a focus on digital advocacy. In this role, Nick is committed to helping nonprofits and social impact organizations expand their impact to drive meaningful and measurable change. In addition to managing multiple projects and client relationships, he contributes broad expertise in web analytics, data visualization, campaign strategy, and the ethical use of emerging technologies like AI. Nick has helped nonprofit and NGO clients build and monitor omni-channel marketing campaigns marketed to both national and international audiences.

Nick has spoken on topics like Digital Organizing at Netroots, Realtime Campaign Monitoring at NTC (Nonprofit Technology Conference), the Ethical Use of AI at the NJ Center for Nonprofits, and has worked with Whole Whale clients like Swing LeftPRXDonate Life America, the Kaiser Family Foundation, and many more!

Nick earned his B.A. in Political Science with a focus on comparative politics and international development. He became particularly interested in the importance of civil society in aiding social progress. At Whole Whale, Nick emphasizes the role of digital political advocacy in the company’s work and has contributed to projects that include political, legislative, and human rights objectives.