Amplify Your Impact: Unleash the Power of the Google Ad Grant

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Course Summary

Are you ready to take your Google Ad Grant campaigns to the next level? If you’ve already been approved for and set up your Google Ad Grant account, this recorded webinar will equip you with strategies and best practices to make the most of this valuable resource and maximize your organization’s impact.

This past webinar is also part of our 2024 WWU Live Webinars course, which includes access to all past 2024 Webinars for $25.

Key Learnings

  • Reviewing Your Campaign Goals: Before diving into optimization, we’ll start by revisiting your campaign goals. Understand the key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with your organization’s mission and set clear objectives for your ad campaigns.
  • Ensuring Policy Compliance: We’ll review Google Ad Grant policies and guidelines to ensure compliance and maintain the eligibility of your account.
  • Keyword Research, Targeting and Best Practices: Discover the importance of keyword research and how to identify the most effective keywords to improve ad relevancy and performance. Understand how to best evaluate what keywords are working and the critical role of certain features like the Search Terms Report and negative keywords when it comes to evaluating performance and maximizing your impact.
  • Fine-Tuning Ad Copy: Learn how to craft compelling ad copy and analyze the performance of your Responsive Search Ads.
  • Enhancing Landing Pages: Explore the critical role of landing pages in converting ad clicks into meaningful actions. We’ll provide tips to optimize your landing pages for higher conversion rates and ensure a seamless user experience.
  • Measuring Success with Google Analytics 4: Understand how to leverage GA4 to measure the performance of your ad campaigns. We’ll focus on key metrics, conversion tracking, and data analysis to optimize your strategies.
  • Live Q&A Session: Our experts will be available to answer some of your specific questions and provide helpful insights.


Tiana Lui, Senior Advertising Associate

Tiana oversees multi-platform digital advertising for Google Ad Grants and paid ads. She works with nonprofits like Greater Than HIV, Vot-ER, and Swing Left to help them use advertising to achieve their education, lead generation, and fundraising goals. Tiana optimizes campaigns based on marketing goals and client-specific benchmarks. Recent achievements include generating millions of video views for key public health resources and generating 5X returns for fundraising campaigns. She has experience with various marketing verticals, including: digital ads, product and market research, influencer marketing, video, social media, copywriting, and design. In her previous role as the sole marketer of a small business, she generated half a million in sales through influencer marketing. Tiana graduated from NYU with an interdisciplinary major in Art+Edu+Tech, taking project-based learning and discussion-based courses.  She’s excited for the future of learning and cares about improving the student learning experience. In her free time, she likes to explore neighborhoods by foot.