Content Marketing + SEO to Drive Impact

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Course Summary

Students: 260+ | Length: 2.5 hours

You have your website, but how do you get people to get through the front door? The answer: Strategic content marketing. If you can get your site to the first page of Google, you gain incredible opportunities. Want your site to be authoritative and relevant? Of course you do. That’s why writing for the web to attract both humans and search robots is so important. In our course, you will learn more than just the theory behind content marketing and SEO. Discover how to decide what to write and how to write it in order to increase engaged, organic traffic to your site. You’ll walk away with clear steps to immediately implement, track, and measure this strategy at your organization.

When you understand the basics of SEO and build strategic content, you will

  • Get your organization in front of new audiences
  • Boost your reputation
  • Drive more leads
  • Increase awareness about your cause

We want to help you grow organic traffic by 20% year over year and drive greater digital impact.

Course Goals

  • Master the basics of SEO and content marketing
  • Find new keyword opportunities through strategic research using our favorite tools
  • Write content that will rank in search and drive more engaged site traffic
  • Develop and implement an editorial process at your organization
  • Optimize content to drive conversions with A/B testing
  • Measure and track success with Google Analytics and Google Search Console

This course is meant for

  • Marketing Associates and copywriters who want to build skills to take their work to the next level
  • Marketing and communications managers looking for ways to implement content marketing into their current strategy
  • Marketing directors and executive-level staff interested in boosting website traffic

Before starting the course you’ll need

  • Google analytics access for your organization
  • Website access for your non-profit so you can implement these strategies
  • Creativity!

Students will receive a LinkedIn badge upon completion of course. Note that after watching each lesson and completing each quiz you must select “mark complete” to complete the course.