Google Ad Grant for Nonprofits


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Length: 2.5Hrs

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Course Summary

We want to help you spend $120,000 in Google’s advertising money next year. You can unlock this potential through the Google Ads Grant for Nonprofits, which will help you bring in traffic to your nonprofit’s website and amplify your digital impact.

There are a lot of trainings out there on Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords), but ours is the first that will show you how to apply strategies specific for nonprofits to use Google Ads to drive impact. Only our course will walk you through the grant application process and show you the special nuances of working within a grant account.

Learn how to Get the Grant, Maximize the Grant, and Optimize the Grant for Impact in this course designed for all levels. In this course you will learn:

  • How to qualify and apply for the grant
  • How to set up an awesome account from scratch
  • Tips and tricks for maxing out the grant
  • Strategies for optimizing the account over time
  • BONUS: How to qualify for 4X the money with GrantsPro*


Whether you are a beginner just learning about the grant, or you’re already maxing it out and just want to use it better, our course will give you simple, actionable steps toward increasing the impact of your nonprofit with this free advertising grant. You’ll learn how to:

  • Drive more leads
  • Gain more volunteers
  • Garner more supporters
  • Capitalize on your existing content
  • Spread awareness about your cause


Each new day means $329 free Google dollars that you could be spending to help your nonprofit’s cause. Sign up to start learning how.

*note – As of September 2016, Google has temporarily discontinued the GrantsPro program.

Course Goals

  • Qualify and apply for the Google AdWords Grant for nonprofits
  • Manage and maximize a Google AdWords Grant ($10k per month)
  • Practically find and analyze keywords that drive impactful traffic
  • Analyze AdWords traffic in Google Analytics
  • Configure Google Analytics to track real goals on the website


This Course is Meant for

  • Nonprofit communications or marketing people at the beginner or intermediate levels of Google Ads (formerly AdWords)
  • Agencies that work to manage nonprofit Google Ads accounts
  • Experts that already know how to maximize the Google Ads spend, but not necessarily connect it to real impact for the nonprofit beyond general web traffic


Before Starting the course, you’ll need…

  • Very basic familiarity with the Google Ads and Google Analytics platforms will help
  • Students that care and believe in the potential impact of how web traffic can further the goals and mission of the nonprofits they care about

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