Google Ad Grant for Nonprofits

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Course Summary

Students: 1,500+ | Length: 2 hours

With the Google Ad Grant for Nonprofits (formerly Google Adwords), you can spend up to $120,000 a year in Google’s advertising dollars. Learn how to effectively manage the Grant in only a few hours with this course.

There are a lot of trainings out there on Google Ads, but ours is the first to focus on proven strategies specifically for nonprofits. The Google Ad Grant tutorials in this course will walk you through the application process (which just changed as of May 2019), the nuances of working with a Grant account, and how to stay Ad Grant policy–compliant (and what to do if you’re suspended).

Learn how to get the Grant and use it to further your organization’s goals. In this course, designed for all levels, you’ll learn:

  • What is the Google Ad Grant — and why it matters
  • How to apply for the Ad Grant
  • How to set up a successful Google Ads account from scratch
  • Key policy requirements and tips for account management
  • What to do if your account is suspended
  • Strategies for optimizing performance over time

Whether you’re just learning about the Ad Grant or you already have it but want to use it more effectively, our course will give you simple, actionable steps to increase the impact of your nonprofit search engine marketing strategy. You’ll learn how to use Google Ads to:

  • Drive more leads
  • Gain more volunteers
  • Earn more supporters
  • Capitalize on your existing content
  • Build awareness about your cause

Every day with the Ad Grant brings free Google dollars that you could be spending to help your nonprofit’s cause. Sign up today to start learning how.

Course Goals

  • Set digital advertising goals to drive your organizational impact
  • Qualify and apply for the Google Ad Grant for nonprofits
  • Set up and manage a $10,000/ month Ad Grant account
  • Maintain compliance with Google Ad Grant policies
  • Find, target, and analyze keywords that drive meaningful traffic
  • Analyze Google Ads traffic in Google Analytics
  • Configure Google Analytics to track relevant website goals

This Course is Meant for

  • Nonprofit communications or marketing professionals at the beginner or intermediate levels of Google Ads
  • Agencies that work to manage nonprofit Google Ads accounts
  • Experts that already know how to maximize the Google Ads spend, but not necessarily how to connect it to real impact beyond general web traffic

Before starting the course, you’ll need…

  • Belief in the potential impact of digital advertising to further the goals and mission of amazing nonprofits
  • Very basic familiarity with the Google Ads and Google Analytics platforms is a bonus

Students will receive a LinkedIn badge upon completion of the course. Note that after watching each lesson and completing each quiz you must select “mark complete” to complete the course.