Google Universal Analytics for Nonprofits

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Course Summary

Students: 150+ | Length: 3 hours

Are you leveraging the full power of Google Analytics to inform your organization’s digital strategy? You should be! Google Analytics is a free and intuitive web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic data. In this course, you will learn the ins and outs of Google Analytics for beginners, identify the metrics that matter most in measuring your organization’s success, and practice using data to tell stories about your digital presence.

  • Where are users spending the most time on our website?
  • How old are our users?
  • Are we reaching target audiences across the country?
  • Which social network sends the most donors to our website?
  • Does our newsletter inspire users to take meaningful action?
  • How can our organization gauge impact?

Data in Google Analytics can help you answer these questions and to share meaningful insights about how your digital presence is affecting change. So what are you waiting for? Enroll today and start learning to craft data-backed strategies for your organization.

Course Goals

  • Optimize your Google Analytics account to comply with best practices
  • Learn the language of Google Analytics and practice data analysis in primary reports
  • Compare traffic across channels
  • Leverage demographic traffic and landing page analysis to better understand your audience
  • Outline the metrics that matter most to your organization and define your Google Analytics goals
  • Segment data for in-depth analysis and elevated story-telling
  • Get acquainted with Google Tag Manager and Search Console to take your Google Analytics account to the next level
  • Updated in 2022 to include a bonus lesson about Google Analytics 4!

Note: Before starting the course you must have access to your organization’s Google Analytics account! If Google Analytics is not installed on your site, follow these steps to place Google Analytics code on your site today (we recommend using Google Tag Manager to deploy the code).