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Template Summary

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A Google Looker Studio Template Created By Data Nerds

We want you to customize this Google Looker Studio Template for your nonprofit’s brand and take all the credit. Really. We are fellow data nerds, and we insist. Like you, we want everyone to understand just how powerful data can be, and we want nonprofits to use that data to increase their impact. Google Looker Studio gives organizations the potential to pull data from multiple sources, and to turn that data into a compelling story. Why not make the most of it?

Once Upon A Metric…

If you work with data at your organization, you know the work that goes into presenting the right metrics in a clear, concise, and visually-appealing way. People love stories, and they don’t always share the same appreciation for numbers. Trying to get other people at your organization as excited about data as you are can be a challenge.

Combining Data Sources

Reports get even more complicated when you want to combine several data sources into one view. Want to analyze your Google Ads and Facebook Advertising campaigns side by side? Want to track digital fundraising progress across multiple donation sources? A spreadsheet just won’t cut it.

Google Looker Studio Has Entered The Chat

Google also knows how much work it takes to pull data from multiple sources and present it in an engaging way. That’s why they developed Google Looker Studio, a data visualization tool to create beautiful, shareable, and easy to assemble reports. Looker Studio makes it easy to load, present, and share data in customized reports. Visualizations include bar charts, pie charts, and time series. Look at all that data! You can even customize fonts, colors, and logos to stay on brand.

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Please note that as of 2022, Google Data Studio has been renamed as Google Looker Studio. However, the platform itself remains unchanged. This course will continue to refer to the platform as Data Studio.